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How To: Monitor Calibration

In digital photography, color management and monitor calibration are critical. Get info on the latest calibration software and find out how to calibrate your monitor for better results in your digital darkroom. 

True Colors Part 2
Boost your HDTV's performance with this home theater colorimeter

True Colors Part 2 As prices have dramatically dropped, sales of high-definition televisions have skyrocketed. The chances are good that you already own an HDTV or are planning to buy one in the near future. And with new products like Apple TV and Windows Vista Media Center bringing your image libraries to your home theater, the long-promised convergence of computers and home entertainment is finally happening.

True Colors
Calibrate your monitor to achieve accurate color in your digital darkroom

True ColorsThe joy of digital photography can be quickly diffused when the photograph we’ve printed doesn’t resemble what we saw on our monitors. Dramatic differences in brightness, contrast and especially color make using a digital darkroom an exercise in frustration instead of creativity.

Get your monitor to accurately portray the colors of your digital photos

I was thrilled when I bought my first inkjet printer and couldn’t wait to make my first color print. After spending about half an hour perfecting the portrait photograph in Photoshop, I sent the image to the printer and was immediately disappointed. If the person had been a visiting extraterrestrial or suffering from jaundice, the yellowish skin tone might have been acceptable. Neither was the case. I was just another photographer experiencing the frustration of having an inkjet print that didn’t match what was on the monitor.


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