Function Venues Vendors In Melbourne

As part of our cross promotion with related and trusted wedding vendors we regularly use, we would like to introduce All Smiles cocktail wedding reception specialists They have 2 superb wedding function venue locations in Melbourne, at the Docklands and on the Mornington Peninsula in Sorrento. We thoroughly recommend their venues and their ability to create a magical event - cocktail style. So check out their website, you will be amazed with what they can do for you, be it a wedding, corporate event of any type of celebration.

Airport Parking When Visiting Melbourne

We often visit Melbourne for weddings and other photography jobs – and we always park at our partner site – United Airport Parking. See the website here – for airport parking to book airport parking online for when you are next in Melbourne

Things to consider

There are various things to review when looking for airport parking especially if you are going to use the facility repeatedly over a short time. Even if you are looking for a one-time offer, it is still important to use the best Melbourne airport parking you can get your hands on. Fortunately, reliable services have hallmarking traits that can be used to isolate them in the market. Some of the things to consider include;

  • Proximity to the airport – firstly, a parking can only qualify as airport parking if it is close to the airport or airstrip. It is therefore a no brainer that you should look for offers as close to the airport as possible. As a rule of thumb, the parking should not be more than 10 minutes away from the airport.